Keentoo is a decentralized social space co-owned by users and collaborators. It is a network with the purpose to build communities around similar-minded individuals, enable useful discovery and stimulate co-creation. Meet proactive people with similar values and ideology in the environment which cultivates the connection of bright minds and bold ideas leading to a positive change in society.

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The building blocks of KEENTOO

  1. Establish Brand Positioning for V0.01

    After a decade of research and experimentation, it is decided that KEENTOO will be the artificial bridge between web2, web3, and what's really missing on the internet. We might have our blockchain in the future and probably not. This update aims to cut down on the features so that we focus on the core problems we are trying to solve with KEENTOO. We will make use of the available blockchain solutions to build the prototype of our platform.

    1. Project ListingCurrently Building

    2. Project Discovery

  2. MVP Public Testing for V0.01

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    1. Community Building

    2. Generate Project Submissions

    3. Adjust changes for the discovery feature

  3. Team Formation

    This phase aims to form the proper team to establish the KEENTOO DAO. All available positions will be accessed through NFTs. More information will be presented when we are close to this phase. For now, you can whitelist your wallet through mintparty.

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